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Flower Fields

From the end of April to the middle of May, a real tulip mania overtakes the Netherlands every year! During this period of time, the Kingdom is covered with colorful “carpets” of various colors. A trip to the flower fields is a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by a whole “ocean” of flowers, what does not happen so often.

For everyone, I suggest not only to go to the picturesque fields of flowers, but also to get no less colorful professional photos among. Without exaggeration, it is a real Dutch fairy tale. You will have a great opportunity to see with your own eyes everything that people from all over the world come here for, while still being a model for a while in such a picturesque environment.

Photo shoots in the Dutch flower fields are of the following types: single (solo), group, family, children, love story. Flower fields are literally spread over the provinces North and South Holland! Among other things, we can rent a bike/s for you and ride along several fields, capturing you in flowers of various types and colors: red, blue, white, pink, orange… great mood, good time, as well as bright colorful photographs… I guarantee you all this!

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How much does a 1.5-hour photo session in the tulip fields cost?

1. 165 €. for one participant (adult or children);

2. 190 € for couples (Love Story);

3. 215 € for families;

4. 95 € / Each member of a group (from 4 to 6 people).

How many photos do you receive?

You will get 70-100 photos in the original RAW camera format, as well as 15 best photos with detailed photo correction in JPEG format.

Is it possible to extend the family photo session?

Yes, it is. In this case each additional half hour of work will costs 65 €.