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Professional advertising photography is what a serious promotion of a product or service on the market begins with in the modern world. Every succesful project should be captured with high-quality photographic materials.

This type of service is also called commersial or product photography. It is used for company websites, marketplaces, catalogues, brochures, posters, billboards and booklets.

Commercial photography in the Netherlands is usually ordered by manufacturers or distributors of clothing and footwear, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, furniture, appliances and electronics, household goods, food, and so on.

A qualified advertising photographer creates an image that best demonstrates the appearance of the product. In the process of shooting, it is important to be able to convey the mood that this product will give to its future owner.

My services are increasingly used to promote the brands or the particular products Online. Every day new websites appear that require high-quality photo content. Long-established online stores also regularly update their assortment and use the services of an advertising photographer.

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Commercial photography of small or medium goods can be captured in my own photo studio, as well as outdoor. I work in all provinces of the Netherlands. Transfer costs o venues outside of Beverwijk city (Amsterdam metropolitan area) are paid additionally. It is also possible to cooperate with models, which is discussed separately with my clients.

The cost of the service (if this is not a photo shoot of objects against a uniform background) depends on the scale, conditions and complexity of the project. The final price is agreed upon after discussing the project with the customer.

The cost of photographing one object on a white background is 3 . When ordering photography on a white background from 50 to 100 objects, the cost of each photo is reduced by 15%, when ordering more than 100 objects on a white or black uniform background, the cost of each photo is reduced by 20%.